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Helping you achieve your goals, is our Goal. 


YeeGoals: Banking-Personalized.

For Businesses.

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"YeeGoals – The right Business Bankers for your business."

We offer financial connections for your banking needs, including Deposits, Treasury Management, and Lending. Based on your Industry and Location.

(Currently California only)

Why Banking Connections?

What is YeeGoals?

An Industry-Tailored platform offering Community banking products and services. 

Raising the bar on the way we approach business banking. Get Connected Now!

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With Financial Professionals inside, Banks, Credit Unions, CDFIs, MDIs and more. 

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Rates, business loan types, financial products, and services that fit within your business industry.

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Banking promotional rates, the best rates and funding for your industry, provided by the best financial professionals.

What type of Banking Products and Services?
  • Business Deposits.

  • Money Markets

  • Business Credit Cards

  • Corporate Credit Cards

  • Payment Processing Systems

  • Treasury Management

  • Bank Line of Credit

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Equipment Financing

  • Stocks Lending

  • AR & P.O Financing

  • HOA Financing

And so much more...

Do you need a loan or a Banking Connection?  
Read what our early adopters say:

I'm so excited to start utilizing all the different services that YeeGoals offers. This summer I'm finally starting my own business, and I know YeeGoals will help with every step I need to take in doing so. I know Yosmel personally, and his drive and passion are the perfect engine for this company. Yosmel will go above and beyond to navigate you and give you the tools you need for success. Again, I'm so excited and look forward to working with the whole team at YeeGoals!

As a new entrepreneur, navigating the lending and banking industries is a real challenge. YeeGoals is such a new concept that it is a bit scary to try new things that I am not familiar with. But the fact that I got to know bankers that understand my business and can help me get business credit cards to build my business credit is fantastic. I thought I only needed to work with one bank, but now I feel I have a full team of bankers that want to see me succeed. Joe and his team take the time to research every single bank that they introduce you to ensure that my money is secure. I really look forward to using the mobile app when it is ready, but for the time being, I'm super happy with the services.

With being a new business owner, it is hard to find the right financial tools. Banks will usually give you a credit card and expect you to be happy with it, not taking the time to understand what we need in order to start the right way. This concept of Yeegoals is new, and I like the approach of having conversations with bankers prior to opening a bank account and giving them my trust and money. I look forward to seeing this company grow. We desperately need this kind of product.

  • Does YeeGoals offer banking services?
    No, we don't. Our banking partners do. YeeGoals is a technology platform with the mission of helping businesses connect with peer-reviewed and industry-tailored bankers, anywhere, anytime.
  • What type of rates can I expect from YeeGoals platform?
    It is our mission to provide you with the best rate available in your industry. Just keep in mind that rates will vary depending on the financial product, your qualifications and the bank that you're working with. To increase your chances of success in your platform for a loan make sure that you have the following. 1-Have a credit of 690+ Experian and Equifax. 2-At least 2 years worth of business tax returns. 3-A minimum of $250k in Annual Revenues. Your chances of successfully getting funded will increase dramatically.
  • How YeeGoals make money?
    At this moment from Consulting Services. Our platform is free to Small Businesses, and since we are a start-up, your feedback is the most valuable currency that we can ask for. We have built YeeGoals with Businesses First in mind.
  • Can I connect with bankers internationally on your platform?
    Not at the moment, but follow YeeGoals on Instagram (yeegoals_official) so you can be witness of our growth. Between you and us, it is definitely part of our business plan :)

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