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Your industry-tailored platform for businesses in need of Better Banking Relationships in the digital world


YeeGoals: Banking Personalized.

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"YeeGoals – The right Banks and Bankers for your business."


A human touch that can enhance and make the road to success easier for goal-oriented entrepreneurs committed to achieving Yee Goals

Why Better Banking Relationships?

What we offer

YeeGoals provides a platform with industry-specific banking products and service
solutions. This allows businesses to access affordable and responsible rates in the business lending industry and experience better banking relationships in today's digital world.

We are changing the way we approach business banking. Join us Now!

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With Financial Professionals inside, Banks, Credit Unions, CDFIs, MDIs and more. 

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Rates, business loan types, financial products, and services that fit within your business industry.

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Banking promotional rates, the best rates and funding for your industry, provided by the best financial professionals.

Results, You Ask?

Get the Right Funding and Bank: Business Term Loans, Business Line of Credit, SBA Loans, Equipment Financing and leasing, Business Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Factoring, AR Financing, Microlending, Commercial Real Estate Loans, P.O. Financing, 401K Financing, Stocks Lending and more.

Are you ready to level up your banking experience? Join Us Today! 

Get Access to our MVP

We are looking for the first 100 early adopters to give us their honest feedback about our Minimum Viable Product and ensure that we are true to our Mission! 

Financial Institution in Fullerton, CA

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Introducing YeeGoals, your ultimate partner in achieving financial success through better banking relationships. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or just starting off, YeeGoals is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Why Choose YeeGoals?

  • Access to peer-reviewed business, commercial, corporate, and private bankers that offers you industry-tailored financial products and services to better serve you.

  • Access to our state of the art, multilingual and constantly updated Financial Artificial Intelligence Database. It provides you the education, documentation and resources about the different financial products and services available to your industry.

  • Ability to create professional connections with capital providers that can help you expand your business and network.

  • Benefit to compare your rate among different financial products to keep your cost of capital as low as possible and transparency among different banking and financial institutions.

  • Dedicated Funding Manager that manages all of your banking relationships, banking requests, capital-seeking process, and creates new banking relationships tailored to your short and long term business goals.

  • The opportunity to take advantage of any bank promotions at a local or national level to ensure that your money is making you more money.

Start Your Journey

The path to financial prosperity begins with a single step. Don't wait any longer to take control of your financial future. Let YeeGoals be your guide, your advocate, and your partner on this exciting journey towards empowerment and wealth growth.

Are you ready to turn your aspirations into achievements? It all starts with YeeGoals.

About Us

Our clients have goals of becoming successful, WE help them get there.

Yeegoals is the best platform for high-quality banking relationships. 

Discover insightful reviews about banking experiences. Learn from real customer testimonials.

I'm so excited to start utilizing all the different services that YeeGoals offers. This summer I'm finally starting my own business, and I know YeeGoals will help with every step I need to take in doing so. I know Yosmel personally, and his drive and passion are the perfect engine for this company. Yosmel will go above and beyond to navigate you and give you the tools you need for success. Again, I'm so excited and look forward to working with the whole team at YeeGoals!

As a new entrepreneur, navigating the lending and banking industries is a real challenge. YeeGoals is such a new concept that it is a bit scary to try new things that I am not familiar with. But the fact that I got to know bankers that understand my business and can help me get business credit cards to build my business credit is fantastic. I thought I only needed to work with one bank, but now I feel I have a full team of bankers that want to see me succeed. Joe and his team take the time to research every single bank that they introduce you to ensure that my money is secure. I really look forward to using the mobile app when it is ready, but for the time being, I'm super happy with the services.

With being a new business owner, it is hard to find the right financial tools. Banks will usually give you a credit card and expect you to be happy with it, not taking the time to understand what we need in order to start the right way. This concept of Yeegoals is new, and I like the approach of having conversations with bankers prior to opening a bank account and giving them my trust and money. I look forward to seeing this company grow. We desperately need this kind of product.

A NEW Approach to Business Banking!

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