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Piloting offers below in the state of California only. More to come soon...
Beginners Journey

The right bank for your industry


Businesses that would like to do the capital-seeking process and manage the banking relationships themselves.

Brand new businesses looking to connect with the right banks for their businesses.

Businesses looking to connect with the right funders for future capital loans. 

  1. No broker or referral fees.​ 

  2. Ability to build business credit with the right financial institutions in your industry.

  3. Get Access to the Bank's Industry-Tailored financial products and Services.

Choose your financial journey

Financial Efficiency




Charged Annually.

​Businesses looking to connect with the right financial professionals in their industry for the right banking products and services as well as short and long-term capital needs. 

  1. Get introduced to industry-specialized banking professionals tailored precisely to meet your unique financial needs.

  2. Zero broker fees for substantial short and long-term savings.

  3. Up to 5 personalized Financial Requests tailored to your unique situation.

  4. Access to YeeGle, our AI-driven Financial Database, for real-time, expertly curated insights tailored to your unique financial needs.(Beta Product).

  5. Unlock 50+ tailored banking products and services for your business, aligning with specific industry needs and addressing short and long-term financial requirements.

  6. Access limited assistance in seven languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin & and Cantonese), French, Tagalog, Korean, and German.

Financial Optimization



(Charged Annually)


2% Success Fee of total funds. 

​Businesses that are looking to have a professional team to handle their banking relationships and capital-seeking process on their behalf.

  1. In-depth analysis of your financial debt coverage ratios by seasoned MBAs and former bankers for optimal access to capital.

  2. White-glove service guiding you through the entire capital acquisition process.

  3. Capped success fee determined by your new credit acquisitions—transparent and predictable.

  4. Forward-thinking strategy planning for future credit and banking needs.

  5. Personalized Bank Analysis of your current financial institution. 

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