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For Business Owners

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Our Free Services include:


Access to one-of-a-kind Banking and Lending Platform.
  • With no Broker Fees.

  • Direct Contact with Banks based on your industry

  • The lowest rates available in the business lending industry are at your fingertips

  • Access to a financial directory with CDFIs, MDI, Credit unions, and Community Banks for business banking/lending products and services.

  • Ability to build credit with other banking institutions to expand your financial options. 


Multilingual Functionality


Banking Products & Services.

No English, no Problem. 

At this moment our prototype allows you to translate from English to 7 different languages. We do have a 1-time fee of $5 that comes with this functionality.

  • Deposits Products

  • Money Markets

  • Treasury Management

  • Payment Services

  • Bank Line of Credit

  • Business Credit Cards

  • Commercial Real Estate loans

  • Equipment Financing.

  • SBA 7a & 504c

And so much more!


Our Concierge Services

Give you access to certified financial professionals, with at least 10 years of experience in the business banking and lending industry and are trained to exceed your expectations. 


Cash Management

An in-depth look into the cash flows for operating, investing, and financing activities of your company. It will allow you to understand the financial stability of your company, cash flow cycle, profits vs cash, etc. The goal is to set you up with the right banks to ensure that your money is working for you 24/7/365.

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Capital Structure.png

Capital Structure

Any bank or lender can give you money, but knowing what is that they are looking for, when is the right time, how much can you ask, and which institutions can provide you with the capital, is technically reverse engineering the process. Our team will help you do just that. 

3 major benefits to you are;

  • Fewer credit checks.

  • Put yourself in a more advantageous financial position with banks.

  • It allows you to plan your next milestone more strategically.  


Credit Strategy

We help you develop an effective credit strategy by focusing on:

  1. Your business goals.

  2. Credit Types.

  3. Risks associated with it.

  4. Managing Interest Rate

  5. Capital Preservation. 


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Relationship Management.png

Banking Connection Management

This journey will take a lot of financial professionals, so sit back and let us do our magic. We will make the calls, have the meetings, partially negotiate on your behalf, and work the best deal possible for you and your company.

One-time engagement: $1,250.00+1%(Success Fee)

For English and Español inquiries: 

Book a call: here

For better results on Lending products: Credit 700+, 2+ years in Business, $250k+ Annual Revenue.

Ready to Harness Banking 
for your Business Growth?



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