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Why you should be banking like a millionaire?

According to a 2023 report from Deloitte Center for Financial Services: "Out of 109 CEOs making $1 billion or more in annual revenues. One-third of them have a minimum of 10 banking relationships or more banks for their varied financial needs.

Meanwhile many business owners are very proud of their unique and only 25 years old relationship that they maintain with National Banks, this old way of thinking for sure has worked for many people, however during times of uncertainty it is crucial to not put all your eggs in the same basket or in this case your money.

We understand and know that the financial needs of small business are nothing compared to a multibillion dollar company.

What's the value on having more banking relationships for your small business?

To explain in a simple way:

When it comes to banking more relationships means:

-More options to get access to capital.

-More financial products that your business can benefit from.

-Better and more personalized customer experience

-Faster responses on your requests.

Increase your network with bankers today so you can increase your net-worth tomorrow.

Make the right banking connections for your business to increase your options, speed and trust and get the best rates and funding for your industry. Learn more at

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