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Choose your Financial Journey

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Beginners Journey


Connect with the right banks in your industry

  1. No broker fees.

  2. No upfront fees.

  3. Gain access to industry-tailored business term loans, lines of credit, business credit cards, and checking accounts.

  4. Build your business credit with reputable financial institutions within your industry.

  5. Access industry-tailored financial products and services from leading banks.

  6. Enjoy free guidance for small businesses provided by the Small Business Development Center.


Financial Efficiency


$130 One-time
Payment only on the    web-app.

  1. Connect with industry-specialized banking professionals tailored precisely to meet your unique financial needs.

  2. No Broker Fees

  3. Receive up to 5 personalized financial requests crafted specifically for your situation throughout the year.

  4. Harness the power of Gee, our AI-driven Financial Database (Beta Product), providing real-time, expertly curated insights tailored to your financial requirements.

  5. Gain access to over 50 tailored banking products and services designed to address both short and long-term financial needs, perfectly aligned with the demands of your industry.

  6. Benefit from assistance available in seven languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), French, Tagalog, Korean, and German inside the app.

  7. Build Business Credit with guidance in the banking industry.

  8. Comprehensive financial analysis of your business, guiding you towards affordable and responsible lending solutions.


Financial Optimization


$1130 Annually.
Book a call first.

Exclusive Consulting Experts Package:

  1. Experience a capped success fee determined by your new credit acquisitions—transparent and predictable.

  2. Benefit from forward-thinking strategy planning for future credit and banking needs, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

  3. Receive personalized bank analysis to guide you toward the best financial products and services tailored to your industry.

  4. Dive deep into an analysis of your cash flow to determine the Cost of Capital and its impact on your business.

  5. Gain insights from a thorough examination of your current capital liquidity, enabling the creation of a tailored cash management plan.

  6. Access personalized credit strategies designed to maximize your access to credit cards and business credit.

  7. Embrace a consultative approach to lending, guaranteeing access to affordable and responsible lending solutions for your business.

  8. Enjoy warm introductions to bankers within your industry, expanding your capital and network opportunities for growth.

You will unlock crucial financial insights and strategic support to fuel your business's success.

Yee way to Financial Services

"Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. It's the open door to accountability, integrity, and meaningful connections"

For Entrepreneurs regardless of background with a spirit of resiliency and a goal-oriented mindset. 

  • Specifically looking to Grow, and Expand their businesses.

  • Up $15MM in Annual Revenue.

  • Up to $1MM in lending needs specifically Bank Line of Credit.

  • Personal Credit scores of 700 or more across the 3 major Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion)


We offer a comprehensive suite of financial solutions designed to empower entrepreneurs like you through our unique technology platform. Our tailored services encompass everything you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.  Discover how our 4 core services can elevate your business and unlock new opportunities for growth and success through an Industry-Tailored Consultative approach. Our goal is to provide you with Better Banking Relationships in the Digital World.

Our 4 Core Services

What financial institutions you can find in our platform? 

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Minority deposit institutions, Community Development Financial Institutions, National, Regional, and Community Banks, Online Banks and Lenders, Finance Companies, and Non-Profit Lenders. 

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Learn about our Platform and Services.

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of Better Banking Relationships in the Digital World.

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